Shake Rattle Roll, and Don’t Get Burned

With Earthquakes, house fires & menacing paintings it’s a miracle this pair are alive to tell this weeks stories. Hot Aussie Chick is terrified beyond comprehension by her possibly possessed mother (don’t ask, listen). The duo bring superstition & luck into question over the latest happenings.

Daylight robbery and actual murder for casino winnings (yes, you are reading right) by a zombie obsessed lunatic that wants to eat his victims brain comes into the topics (yes, you are still reading right) as well as WSOP 2019 security & many of the main event happenings.

The duo talk new casino developments & plans, Dr Nicks current account status & the flopping of actual nuts (and penis of course) at the WSOP. They also discuss shaking up the game of poker via advancements by young guns & ending those that rip others off.

Sit down, shut up and buckle up. It’s time to listen, shake, rattle and roll and not get burned – if you take the advice.

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