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  • Provide Relative News, Online Business Programs, Systems and Tools Used Successfully by the Author
  • Based On Longevity, Owner’s Reputation and Performance
  • Most are great Business Opportunities or Work at Home recommendations
  • Balanced price range from Free to High Ticket items
  • Tools and education help add value to your marketing
  • Attract readers and support for our Internet Crime Fighters Org Blog


  • Forget the puffing, hype built into most programs
  • Most Affiliates Do Not do Due Diligence and just spam us with scams emails and post on  Social Networks
  • Too many newcomer or newbies seek overnight success
  • Anything can be forged, faked on the Internet; Testimonials, Payment Proofs, Even the Websites
  • Check the WhoIs for the Owner, check the Owner’s Reputation
  • Too many failed to follow the plan or blueprint step by step
  • The results achieved by the author others may or may be the same as your results
  • If you have been doing the same thing day after day, don’t expect the results to change
  • Treat it as a Business, not a Hobby
  • Educate yourself through programs such as 4 Percent 7-Steps for FREE
  • Many offer unlimited Income potential fueled by Your Passion and Drive for Success Online
  • These are business Programs, Systems and Tools for building a long-time sustainable business income online
  • “Extraordinary” Value for Internet Marketers
  • As always, Do Your Due Diligence and take Responsibility for your Decision and Success
  • Bookmark and Comeback often for new additions


  • ICFO Founder, Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD
  • Victim Child Abuse; Suffered nearly all forms of abuse from ages 2 to 14
  • Offline Financial Scams and Fraud Verification since 1981, Financial underwriting
  • Investigating and Reporting, Scams, Threats As Well As Internet Business Opportunities, Make Money Online and Work From Home Opportunities Since 2004
  • Author The Internet Users Handbook 2009-2013
  • Blogs included Avoiding Scams Online, Kooiii Stay Safe, My Safety Net and Stay Safe Blogs
  • Founder of the Internet Scams Anonymous Groups 2010-2013
    • Formerly found in various social business and media sites
    • Closed due to spammers; time-consuming group management
  • ICFO broadens the scope and replaces the author’s  former efforts
  • Our current ICFO group is found here Internet Crime Fighters Group
  • Author Internet Risk Management
  • A Successful Offline and Online Business Development and Entrepreneur since age 8
  • See more About Me

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